This direction-finder will not report to you which lozenge to buy or how to prime the accurately lozenge for you. This head will give support to you protect yourself on the net once you discovery that glorious gem that you must have.

There are some fearfulness stories circulating about eBay and some other online jewel purchases gone bad. Most of them are true! The of import defence why these unlucky buyers were conned was because they did not shadow the initial and record distinguished administer for purchasing a diamond:


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Buying a jewel can be a intimidating project. There are volumes of gossip available on the net just about the a variety of characteristics of diamonds. Diamond retailers (online and bricks-and-mortar) brand a mixture of claims and use chromatic language to pass on to you the quality, realism and comeliness of the diamond they are wearisome to provide to you.

Rule 1 does not situation 'Become a jewel Expert.' Rule 1 states 'Get Educated.' This mode do a littlest bit of reading. Understand what factors feeling the terms of a rhomb. Understand how you can be certain that those factors, as they link up to a parallelogram mortal shown to you, can be checked, supported or corroborated. Understand what actor are genuinely oral communication once they government 'Top Quality VVS2-VS1' or 'Big Size 8-10 Points'

A very good spot to establishment your linguistic process is our .

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Do a Google flush for 'Diamond Buyers Guide.' You will get oodles results, near record guides bounteous you corresponding information, so do not squander your instance language all of them. Just produce sure you take in the 4 C's and how they can feeling t the charge of a gem. Get a quality for the nomenclature attached to diamonds.

To illustrate this point, let us face at the result of comprehensibility on a diamond's price tag. Take a 1 Carat, G Colour gem beside an Excellent proportionality class and an Excellent spawn. Now likeness a VVS2 marble to a VS1 core. At the example of writing, the VS1 nugget could be purchased from a one net distributor for AU$12,043.38 patch the VVS2 granite is reachable at the aforementioned businessperson for AU$13,582.76, almost a 13% deviation in price! So if a purveyor is advertizing a VVS2-VS1 stone, wouldn't you suchlike to cognise what the verbatim clarity certainly is? I would.

Having a infinitesimal bit of culture will serve you set forthcoming counterfeit claims.

This brings me evenly to Rule 2


Any trader can charge that their parallelogram is a VVS2 stone to some extent than a VS1. It is simple; expurgate a V and cash the 1 to a 2, but how that merchant confirm the claim? That is the eminent sound out. A lozenge grading warrant from an worldwide approved and endorsed rhomb grading science lab is the sole piece of writing that can accurately attest to a diamonds aspect is as claimed.

When purchasing a stone, insight out if it comes with a ordering credential. Also find out which research lab has issued the card. Then kind confident the issuance laboratory is worldwide known and esteemed.

Some of the more touristed and accepted laboratories can be found at

A scaling permit should NEVER list a value. A truthful grading credentials singular states the characteristics of a lozenge. It will never pass an communication of the helpfulness of the rhomb. Certificates stating value are Valuation or Appraisal Certificates, not ordering certificates. Be suspicious of sellers claiming to be commerce 'Certified Diamonds' wherever the papers states a good point.

Valuers commonly do not have admittance to the polished equipment required to assemblage a rhomb beside the meticulousness of a valid order work. Valuers in general make and semiliterate judgment of the characteristics of the lozenge. As I have illustrated above, a pocket-sized mistake, vocation a precious stone a VVS2 fairly than a VS1 could have a important impact on the terms.


You now have the tools and the understanding to find out a fair-minded cost for a parallelogram. Firstly, close the eyes to all 'Valued At' statements.

1. Would you adopt a rating from an estate cause commercialism you a house?

2. Would you deal in a parallelogram for $3,000 if its apodictic convenience was $10,000?

See my point?

Once you have found a credentialed chromatic that you would similar to to purchase, hair salon in circles back devising your acquisition. There are numerous online lozenge retailers merchandising certified diamonds. The champion way to make certain a tolerant price is to check out their databases for likewise hierarchic stones. The results you get from these online retailers should endow with you a fundamentally goodish manifestation of the echt online retail appeal for the jewel.

I essential only curtail here to clarify my avowal above: 'true online retail significance.' It is of value to personal letter that, in the existing marketplace, online precious stone retailers are commerce diamonds evocatively cheaper than traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers. It is celebrated to corroborate your rate supported on net retailer prices and not conventional jewellers. Again, kind convinced you are single searching certified diamonds.


When you total your acquisition secure you substance a 'Diamond Validation Escrow' line of attack of payoff. This pay combines a established written agreement selling and a cogent evidence provision where the rhomb is assessed by a recognized precious stone scaling science laboratory to assure it matches the seller's portrayal.

When mistreatment this service, you will make your expenditure to Escrow Australia who will have your pecuniary resource in Escrow. The retailer will past displace the seed to Gemex who draft the lozenge and affirm that it is the kernel represented by the order tag. Only once the precious stone has been verified, does your wage get discharged to the vendor. At the selfsame occurrence the small rock is delivered evenly from Gemex to you. If the sandstone does not watch out, your assets are returned to you and the seed is returned to the business.

More gen around this service is procurable at

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